Adding Value to Real Estate


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We are a focused team of professionals, with many years of real estate and construction industry experience.

In a nutshell, we Add Value to Real Estate.

Our work firstly involves improving the planning status of real estate that we already own. This involves concept preparation, design supervision, followed by permitting and approvals, and, if we determine that our optimum benefit includes development of the land: construction procurement and project (and possibly contract) management, marketing and leasing or sales supervision, facilities management and, finally, asset disposal.

The second major component of our work concerns unearthing development opportunities which, for reasons that we find are always different, ‘stand out’ and our underlying responsibility is to be constantly sensitive to the economic forces which effect the real estate business: the cycles of supply and demand, over-looked sectors, under-valued properties, unrealised opportunities, in short to be invested in assets which offer the greatest long term safety for the funds that we invest, whilst allowing us to benefit from the value we add.

I hope you enjoy the web site.

Grant Boyd-Gibbins


Who are we and what do we do...?

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